Terms and Conditions

Version 2.1 – January 2013

1. “FetishBound”, “The Club”, “The Club Night”, “FB” and other variations shall refer to the club night operating under the full name of “Tie Em Up’s FetishBound – London’s Male Bondage Club”
2. “Tie Em Up”, “tieemup”, “The Tieemup Family”, “TEU”, “us” and other variations shall refer to the promoters/organisers of FetishBound.
3. “The site” shall refer to the official website maintained online by us.
4. “Content” shall refer to any information relating to FetishBound including, without limitation, text, photographs or other images on any publication, electronic or other format.
5. “FB Pass”, “FB ePass”, “FBP” and other variations shall refer to the Pass Scheme ran by FetishBound as detailed in section E below.
6. “The App” shall refer to any and all FetishBound programs designed to run on smart phones and other mobile devices.
7. All terms such as “visitor”, “user”, “Pass Holder”, “FB Pass Holder” and other variations shall refer to any person attending our events or holding a version of FB Pass.
8. “Third Party” shall refer to any person or organisation not directly linked to FetishBound.
9. “Play” shall refer to any consensual interaction between two or more visitors that falls within the permitted boundaries of the Club.
10. Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) shall refer to the terms and conditions laid out in this document. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. The Terms and Conditions displayed on the website shall override all other Terms and Conditions published.
1. The aim of the club night is to give a safe and sane place for men of any orientation into bondage to meet and play.
2. It shall not be an aim of the club either stated or implied to encourage any sexual interaction.
1. FetishBound is an adults (over 18’s) men-only club. We reserve the right to request proof of age from any persons entering the club, especially (but not limited to) persons appearing to be under 25.
2. There is a dress code in force. Visitors are required to meet this code to gain admission regardless of any offer or guarantee of admission.
3. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person, and to ask any person to leave (without refund).
4. We accept no responsibility for any personal items brought into the events.
5. No one is compelled to play, all parties have to consent.
6. We reserve the right to terminate any play we believe to be potentially unsafe or of other concern to us for any reason.
7. Anyone being a nuisance to others will be removed from the club.
8. No illegal substances allowed - you will be removed from the club and may be reported to the Police.
9. We reserve the right to remove people from the club if we believe their judgement is impaired by alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise) or any other substance.
10. Use of the cloakroom is entirely at your own risk.
11. The decision of the promoter/organiser shall be final.
D. Photography
1. No personal photography is permitted while in the club, including the use of mobile phone cameras.
2. The club photographer will only take pictures with your permission.
3. Club photographs remain the copyright and property of FetishBound.
4. FetishBound reserves the right to use photographs for publicity and promotion as appropriate, including third party such as websites and magazines.
5. FetishBound will not sell or allow the use of any photograph for any use other than in the direct promotion of FetishBound.
6. Visitors may use any photograph published on our website provided our watermark is left unchanged and visible.
1. This is not a membership scheme.
2. FB Passes may only be used by the person to whom they are issued.
3. FB Passes are issued in accordance with all the terms and conditions published on the website and in the App.
4. An FB Pass guarantees the holder the right to admission unless in breach of these Terms and Conditions.
5. The FB Pass is not transferable, nor replaceable, if lost, as no record of passes will be kept by the organisers.
6. The FB Pass is only valid in accordance with the offers listed on the FB Pass page of the website or detailed within the App.
7. The FB Pass will remain valid until the last day of the month the card has been topped up to.
8. The FB Pass remains the property of the Tie Em Up Family and may be revoked at any time.
9. The usual Terms and Conditions, dress code and House Rules of the events remain applicable to FB Pass holders.
10. The FB Pass has no monetary value and refunds cannot be given.
11. The FB Pass does not guarantee any event will actually be held, nor that any offer will be available at every event.
12. Discounts displayed above are subject to change without notice.
13. The current FB Pass admission price will be displayed clearly at the Admission Desk.
14. Discounts cannot be applied after admission has been paid.
15. Offers made to FB Pass holders by third parties are subject to the Terms and Conditions applied by them and are covered by Section H below.
1. One Silver Star shall be issued for the second event attended in a row and each subsequent event forming a chain.
2. In the event that a chain is broken, all Silver Stars shall be lost.
3. Once three Silver Stars have been awarded they will be converted to Gold Stars.
4. Gold Stars cannot be lost, except as in F.8 below.
5. Any combination of 6 Stars will be converted to an eVoucher.
6. eVouchers may be redeemed for a discount of £3 from admission (or other value as advertised from time to time).
7. Stars and eVouchers have no monetary value.
8. All Stars and eVouchers shall be lost if the FB Pass is allowed to expire.
1. The FetishBound App is provided as a free assistant and electronic pass and is subject to the usual terms and conditions where applicable.
2. Internet Usage - The app requires an internet data connection for some of its functions. This data usage is kept to a minimum, by requiring the user to manually refresh some items such as the pass details.
3. Location Services - The app uses locations services (if enabled) to display the users location on a map
1. FetishBound provides links to other service and goods providers as a service to our visitors. No approval or recommendation is implied by providing such links.
2. FetishBound makes no recommendation as to the safety or suitability of any third party website, service or goods.
3. It remains your responsibility to protect your computer or other device from any possible virus, malware or other harmful software.
4. Any contracts for the sale or provision of goods or services from any such third party remain entirely your own responsibility. FetishBound cannot enter into correspondence with you nor on your behalf for any reason whatsoever.
1. By use of the website, mobile application or attendance at an event you signify your acceptance of all terms and conditions given, regardless of whether they have been read or not.
2. You enter into any activity, either at the club or in any other venue, including but not limited to your own home, entirely at your own risk. FetishBound, nor any person or organisation connected to it accept any liability for any action you may or may not take as a direct or indirect result of viewing or attending any event or service provided by the club.
3. You agree to indemnify FetishBound, its promoters, organisers, association organisations etc. from all and any loss you may incur as a direct or indirect result of viewing or attending any service or event provided by the Club.
1. App designed by Richard Holland. Some icons used from the free set by Glyphish.
2. Website designed and provided by SugarCubeProductions.
3. FetishBound, its associated logos and all intellectual property and images relating to FetishBound are and remain at all times the property and copyright of the promoter/organiser and may not be used without the express written permission of the promoter/organiser.