House Rules


The aim of the club night is to give a safe and sane place for men into bondage to meet and play. While the emphasis is on playing, we don't expect everyone to be playing all the time!

The bondage scene is, in general, a safe and sane scene, however, there are rules which are designed to add to the fun and keep people safe. There will also be an appointed host for each event who may stop any scene or prevent any person from taking part in a scene if they feel there is any risk.

Please email us before attending an event if you have a particular concern.


Please Note: We can only deal with problems as they arise. If you feel the House Rules are being transgressed please speak to a member of staff immediately. We cannot deal with problems retrospectively.

  • The organisers, management and staff reserve the right to refuse entry to any person, and to ask any person to leave (without refund or explanation).
  • You enter into any activity in this club entirely at your own risk. You should ensure that limits are agreed in advance and that an agreed safe word or sign is in place to end any activity.
  • The organisers, management and staff accept no responsibility for any personal kit brought into the events.
  • No Photography permitted. There is an official photographer.
  • No one is compelled to play, both parties have to consent.
  • Do not join in with an ongoing scene unless you have permission to.
  • Anyone making a nuisance of themselves will be removed from the club.
  • Do not block any play space if you are not intending to use it.
  • This is NOT a sex club, it is a bondage club. People having sex without bondage involved will be asked to move away from the bondage kit to allow others to play.
  • No Watersports, scat, blood, needles or anything that, in the view of our staff, may permanently mark or cause injury
  • No inappropriate fetish gear or play is allowed outside the venue.
  • No Drugs allowed (except poppers) - you will be removed from the club and may be reported to the Police.
  • If you drink too much or appear in anyway under the influence of any substance (including prescription medication) you will be asked to leave.
  • Stand clear from any scene to allow the top as much room as they need - especially if CP is involved!! You'll only have yourself to blame if you get in the line of swing...
  • Use of the cloakroom is entirely at your own risk.