Welcome To FetishBound!!

This is a Bondage Fetish Event For Men Only.

There is a Dress Code but its not all leather and rubber - there is so much more on the list that you will be able to easily meet it, like full team sports kit, uniforms and so much more. It's not all about rope either - chains, restraints, sleepsacks, straitjackets and much more.

The aim is to create a small friendly no attitude play space to meet play and socialise in, for all levels from the new to the experienced.

If you want to play you just need to ask, but equally you can just watch what others are doing with no pressure.

We do play music, but it is a background - after all if you are tied up you want the top to be able to hear you through the gag when you have a problem! Equally lighting is kept to a level where you can see what you are doing!

We are find a lot of people come early, have a drink and socialise so that within the first hour play list are sorted... if you come late you might miss out...

Why meet in a pub or a coffee shop when you can meet here in a friendly and open setting!

Get your gear ready (check the dress code)..... Get your ropes and restraints ready....


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How It Works:

We are finding more and more that guys come early, socialise and unwind with a drink. Around the end of the first hour or so a lot of guys have decided who they are going to play with and what's going to happen. Unfortunately it means that if you can't get there early it can be hard to find a play partner, but not impossible.


FetishBound is independently run
FetishBound has no connection to any other event or website (other than the family site).

IMPORTANT NOTE - You are strongly advised to read the House Rules and Dress Code to avoid any disappointment. It is a condition of entry that you accept the House Rules and comply with the Dress Code. Each month we turn away several people, some who have travelled some distance to be with us.