FetishBound - A Statement

When we first started FetishBound in November 2009 we had no idea that over 12 years later we would still be going. It’s been an incredible journey and one that many said would never be possible. Everything was against us we were told, the venue, having a dress code, hell even being run by me was a problem to many.

I have never been a part of the “scene”, However, that has allowed me total freedom to do things my way and that has been the cornerstone of FetishBound and why it carries my name.

During that time Paul has remained at my side as both my greatest supporter, and when needed, my biggest critic. In this time we have gone from being boyfriends to celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary in just a few weeks.

It would be very remiss of me to not mention the support of the whole TEU family both past and present as it evolved over this time too.

However, over the last three years I have lost both my parents to cancer and our world has changed and evolved giving Paul and I more freedom.

This Christmas we had another wake up call to make the most of life when we lost Steve to a sudden and massive heart attack from which he never recovered and which has left a huge hole in the TEU family and in all our hearts.

Add to all this the introduction of the ULEZ, Paul no longer having a job in London and the fact that while I was in my 40’s when we started and I am now approaching 60, I am sure you will all understand where this has to lead.

I feel passing FetishBound on to someone else to run would not work. It needs to end and be replaced with something fresh and different. No one should be constrained by my thoughts and ideas, which is why when Terry approached us to run a similar club in Manchester we gave him our blessing and support but not the name - he runs his own version of FetishBound called MancsBound, very much his take on the FB Idea, as it should be.

Therefore, with some sadness, for both Paul and I, I feel it is now time for me to step back and concentrate on the TEU Family and indeed my husband as we enter a new chapter in our lives as I approach retirement.

I must therefore announce that the February 2022 evening on 11th will be the final event.

Finally I must thank each and every person who has attended Fetishbound over the many many events we have held.

Thank You



While we have finished our run of events, the legacy carries on with GearBound London. For all information about them please visit GEARBOUND