Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Member?

  • There are no membership requirements nor is there even a membership scheme. Just turn up and enjoy.

Is it just rope bondage?

  • Absolutely not! All forms for restraint are welcome! Whether it is cuffs, straitjackets, sleepsacks - anything! As long as it holds the sub firm! All levels are welcome too - you don't need to be an expert at it.

Is there a changing space?

  • No, sorry. We will allow people to change in the club, but we recommend you wear the kit under a track suit or something to make it easy to change. You MUST not change on the stairs - it is a fire escape route.

Why Is Last Admissions 10.30pm?

  • Because there is only an hour to close and we feel that you won't get value for money at that time.

Are straight men welcome at Fetishbound? I've subbed with men in the past (bondage/caning) with an agreed no-sex limit and it's worked well (some say it makes a welcome change from the sub expecting to be serviced ;) !

  • Straight men are definitely welcome... it's all about the bondage. We encourage people to agree limits in advance and respect them. People should not make any assumption on the sexual orientation of any person at our events.

Is there parking nearby?

  • There is free (after 6.30pm) on street parking in the general area and a short walk from Central Station. There is a fair bit on the other side of Caledonian Road too. It is also a very short walk from Kings Cross Station. CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLEMAP OF THE AREA. Please be aware that Islington Council charge extra for diesels to park!

Will there be sex in the club?

  • Sex is not the aim of this club night, but what consenting adults do is between them. It will only be stopped if it obstructs any of the kit or anyone else's play.

Will Condoms/Lube Be Available?

  • Yes The Underground Club does supply them, ask at the Bar.

Will My Kit Be Safe?

  • We sincerely hope so, but unfortunately you must look after your own kit, FetishBound, Central Station nor either staff can accept responsibility for your personal kit

Can I Take A Bag Into The Club?

  • Due to space limitations we would ask that people do not take bags into the club. However, smaller bags with rope etc. will be permitted, just be careful not to create a hazard with them. As ever, we reserve the right to say no.

Will Tie'em up be there playing with people?

  • The event is being hosted by Tie'em up and his husband and he will be there - but he will have responsibility for the club night so will have limited time to play and may have to stop without warning if something needs dealing with.

Ends at 11.30pm? Why so early?

  • Unfortunately we have to work Saturday so need to clear the kit out and get home. However, now that tubes run all night you can easily get to Backstreet to continue playing.

What if I get into a scene I am not happy with or it goes too far?

  • Firstly the club is moderated - staff will stop any activity that goes too far or that either party is unhappy with.
  • Secondly, you should always make sure your limits are known before any play and agree a stop word or sign.
  • Finally, if you are unhappy with anything please speak to us on the night. We cannot deal with complaints after the event.

I've Told Another Guy Several Times I don't Want To Play With Him But He Won't Take No For An Answer, What Do I Do?

  • Immediately report it to one of the FetishBound Staff. We will try to sort it out amicably with him, but if we can't he will be required to leave.

How Strictly Will The Dress Code Be Applied?

  • Totally. We have made it so wide there is no excuse for people not make some effort. Some people may get in with kit not on the list, but it would have been approved and will most definitely not be street clothing.

What if I've not got any kit to bring, or what happens if I turn up without any kit?

  • The dress code will be applied, we know it's what our visitors want, Sorry. If you really don't have anything and want to come - email us first, a few days before would be helpful. Regrettably we turn away several people at every event for failing the dress code.

I Just Want To Watch... Is That Allowed?

  • Yes of course it is. However, please remember that watching doesn't involve using your hands or speaking to or over the top in charge of the scene, Be prepared to wait till you are told it is okay to ask questions or get involved, if you so wish and they agree.