Why have a Dress Code? Because we want something a little different to what everyone else offers and it helps create a good atmosphere. We aim to make our Dress Code as wide and as friendly as possible - if you make some effort we'll let you in! If you are in doubt TALK TO US!

Here is a rough guide - it's not complete by any means - but it might give you an idea

Dress Code Guide:

  • Leather - Bikers, shirt, harness, shorts etc, but must be more than just a jacket (for example).
  • Rubber - shorts, harnesses, surf suits, etc.
  • Neoprene - shorts, tops, jocks, surf suit, etc.
  • Pup Kit - If it looks good as a pup then it's okay (even a jock is allowed if you have a tail in!)
  • Uniforms - Military, civilian, school (must be badged etc), industrial workwear, etc... but as complete as possible e.g. shirt and trousers isn't school uniform and just because its what you wear to work doesn't make it an acceptable uniform!
  • Football Kit - not just scraps, complete and matching shorts and shirt - ideally socks as well.
  • Rugby Kit - as above.
  • Running Kit - Ideally this should be matching top and bottoms, not just random shorts and t shirt!
  • Cycling Kit, and other Lycra
  • Wetsuits
  • Skinhead - with appropriate boots - jeans and a T shirt are not enough.
  • PVC
  • Swimwear - with sensible footwear!
  • Industrial Work wear - overalls, high viz, hard hat etc - not just jeans and T Shirt with hi viz!
  • Suit & Tie - Jacket and trousers (matching) plus tie!
  • Kilts - with boots, and vest, t shirt or harness.
  • Sportskit (full and matching) including chav/scally but must be full (not trackies and t shirt)

Footwear... you should wear something compatible with the rest of your kit... White trainers just won't cut it with rubber or leather, but black is okay... but we don't expect army boots with Football kit for example.

If we haven't listed your fetish drop us an email to admin'@'fetishbound.co.uk (remove the ' symbols) and ask us! If we like it then we will send an email saying it's good which you can show on the door to prove it has been approved!


  • Cross Dressing.
  • Jeans (other than bleachers with full skinhead).
  • Flip-flops, sandals, etc (not enough protection for your feet).
  • Any Nazi/fascist or any other political insignia.
  • Just cloth jocks unless worn with puppy tail (but a jock under your kit is always horny :D)
  • Pants/Underwear.
  • Trousers and Shirt.
  • leather jacket over normal clothes.
  • Trackies and T Shirt do not count as sports wear!
  • Naked, nudity is not allowed.

Of course the idea is that you are going to be tied up or tying someone up while in kit - so make sure it is comfortable and not your Sunday Best ;-)